Ever since the races began armoring their people and using magic to enhance that armor the dream of mecha have existed in one form or another. Full suits of armor where enchanted with additional protection, strength and abilities however these they were time consuming, expensive and required high specialized training. These first techniques and rituals along with Golem creation paved the way for the Golem Revolution, the time when Golems finally became cheap and easy to craft. For the first time it was viable to craft Golems to use outside of a Guild or Mages service and they were being used in a variety of fields.

The arts and sciences of the Golems were quickly applied by the Guilds to creating the Material Replacement techniques and finally to streamline the enchanted armors of old. Now armor could be be easily molded crafted in days and weeks instead of months and years. When the newer enchanted suits were fielded they received the name “Golemsuits” as the creator in essence hollowed out a Golem for the user to wear as a suit of armor.

As bigger and bigger suits developed it eventually got the to size where the “Grandsuit” was developed for the field. In reality a Grandsuit is a Golemsuit only where a person would wear a Golemsuit the sheer size of the Grandsuit meant it would need to be piloted in order to be effective.

At the same time these suits were being introduced, other guilds were incorporating ideas gleaned from the Golem Revolution to development and advances in ‘Golem Mind Control’ to allow a golem to not only receive voice commands from the Master by to be directly controlled by it as well. The idea was that the ‘Master’ could control multiple slaves to perform simple tasks such as harvesting or forestry. As soon as the testing on the controls began it was found that a Slave Golem capable of wielding an axe to cut a tree could carry that same axe to cut down a person.

Creating Mecha

Mecha are built one of three ways; Golemsuits are a form of Focus, Grandsuits are built as Vehicles, and Golems (whether or not they are slaved) are Automatons.


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