In the World Magic is often personal, crafted much like a Superhero builds their powers, however the source of that Magic, what fuels it, is generally defined in four (4) major sources. While a person can create powers of Fire, Dimensional Forces or even channel the aura of Fluffy Pink Bunnies in the end what the character uses to fuel the power comes in four (4) flavors. As a result most powers of the World have two special effects, one that is the Origin of Magic – how it is created by the character, and the other that is Manifestation of Magic – how it exists in the World. The four (4) magic sources are not meant to be limiters, in fact feel free to get approval for some minor sources, they are just a way to tell how the power is being channeled and created. Understand that in the end it is up to the player to determine how best to create his/her source, whether using an existing one or creating a new one.

Natural is the first and most basic of all power sources because it is apart of the character. Generally speaking Natural Magic are those powers that belong to ones Templates or are a core part of the character. While any Mage can learn to create Fog it is generally accepted that the Fog Monster is innately able to create and use it. While a Human can master Fog to the ability of innately using it as well, and there is nothing saying he can’t, this is more of an exception then the rule. All Natural Magic use the character’s personal Endurance and Recovery to fuel it.

Eldritch is the next magic source represents using the World to fuel the powers of the character. Generally speaking Eldritch is used by what we would consider the Sorcerers, Wizards and their offshoots as it most commonly pulls the energy of the World into the character and then focuses outside to be used. The Eldritch power source is represented by an Endurance Reserve power called Eldritch of the Void.

Essence is the brother to the power of Eldritch, while that source pulls from the World this power uses the character itself to create the manifesting power. Generally speaking Essence is most commonly found in the Martial Artist or Technique like Manifestations and its various offshoots as it focuses ones internal energy to accomplish the goal. The Essence power source is represented by an Endurance Reserve power that bought and called Essence of the Soul.

Mag/Tek is the last power source and the most recent one used in the World. While Natural uses the innate abilities of the character and Eldritch / Essence focus power thru the character like a lens Mag/tek is different. The most common Mag/tek is the Golem or Powered Suit that the character wears in order to gain incredible powers. This power source is anything that uses Technology or Magical Items in order to allow the character power. While Potions, Bullets and Bombs can easily describe this power source often times they can be better handled with the Disadvantage of Charges and Focus (not to say that Mag/Tek can’t these disadvantages). Using the example from the Natural, the Fog Monster’s Fog is a Natural Power however if the character has a magic fog machine (either an implanted on or a carried one) then that would more likely be the Mag/Tek source of power. Because of the unique nature of the source and how it is applied it could use an Endurance Reserve to act as a Mag/Tek Battery or the character’s own Endurance and Recovery or even exist be no Endurance and exist completely on Charges.

Minor Source, sometimes known as the Exotic Powers are a collection of Origin Source Powers that may not fit into the Big Four but to the common person are mistaken for one of them. Along with that it will need to be determined if it will pull END form the personal END or from an endurance reserve as Essence and Eldritch do. Also one thing to consider is that Dispel, Drain and others like that normally target the Origin or the Manifestation SFX and with this Exotic SFX it is harder to for others to use those powers against this one.

Magic Limitations

The sources of Eldritch and Essence used in this world are personal to the character and are required to take one Limitation known as Signature which is one’s ‘Fingerprint’ of Magic.


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