In the realm of Alchemy, Runecrafting and others the world of Enchantments has been born. Enchantments are objects of power added to the character in order to help over come a difficulty (like the loss of an Arm or Wing) or to improve the person (making them faster or stronger). Today Enchantment modification is fairly commonplace and mostly accepted as it allows a set up on the competition. Overall acceptance into of what you had done to you and why varies depending on your social standing. Nobles and the Social Elite have no problems with cosmetic and mental enhancements but will frown down on obvious combat Enchantments.

Currently Enchantments fall under the Mag/Tek Magic Source and can use with the characters own endurance or buy an endurance reserve to represent the source. Enchantments themselves actually can have various Manifestation Sources however in only three are considered common and popular enough to warrant description.

Material Replacement is when a person has the entire part replaced with one made from a Magical Component. For example if one lost an arm then a new arm would be crafted and it would replace the old arm. Material Replacements are crafted from a blend of Magical Materials and Alchemical Solutions and then grafted to the character in order to allow them to be used. While such procedures started as a way to replace lost limbs it has now evolved as a way to improve the body beyond the normal limitations.

Tattooing came soon after people sought Material Replacement not just to get back what was lost but also to improve on what they were. Tattooing inscribes and infuses the skin with powers that allow the character to access it and gain unprecedented abilities. While Tattooing and Replacement in the end do the same thing the Tattooing is less invasive making it seem like the better choice for people and is becoming the more common type of enchantment for the common man seeking a leg up on the competition.

Infusion is the newest type enchantment on the market and all the rage for the Elites of the World. Unlike Material Replacement or Tattooing, Infusion improves the subject by focusing large amounts of Magical Power at the character and literally shaping the character into the desired result. Because of this there are no messy implants or marks on the character but they can gain all of the obvious advantages of this affect. People undergoing Infusion can stay under the Mag/Tek Source however depending on the result can easily move into the Natural Origin Source. It is also something to note that while most Infusions of the day are artificially created some beings can undergo this in the World without the help of people.


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