Mr. Benvari

Master of Golems and everything else magical


If a mad scientist existed he would be it.


Over 400 years old, Mr. Benvari is the person that literally started the Golem revolution and is known as the Father of Golems. He has expanded his knowledge from Golems to encompass all things dealing with the Magical Materials. His abilities have become in high demand in Freetom and Strohighm, so much so that he has a waiting list.

Since the War of Demon’s Fall Mr. Benvari has moved from Startem to Freetom and owns a considerable estate that he built with his Golems. Even though he isn’t a member of a Guild or a Noble, Mr. Benvari is given considerable leeway with the laws of the city. The entire estate was custom crafted by him with his Golems and it is fortress when needed.

Overall Mr. Benvari is a busy person and speaks in a hurry with run on sentences. He easily gets lost in his work and if it wasn’t for his Golem Maid Matilda he would probably spend weeks if not months lost in whatever research he is conducting.

Mr. Benvari

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