The Hero of Justice


Jared is incredibly strong, about 64 times stronger then the average man, capable of killing a person with one blow…. all for Justice. Along with being the strongman Jared has the presence of the gods, capable of both Awe and Fear beyond mortal men. The strength and presence seems to have come at a cost, Jared isn’t the smartest tool in the shed. While not an idiot he is ever naive and willing to buy into the truth of others quickly and not worrying about many things as Justice shall prevail.


Jared is world famous as an Avatar of Justice, a shining beacon of Truth and honestly an easy mark. He is an easy going person that enjoys life and everything it had to offer. Often times when not defending Justice he can be found in the bars singing and drinking ale or outside experiencing what life has to offer.

While on ‘the job’ Jared tends to be serious however long winded when talking. He also tends not to read or research the situation preferring to feel his way through a problem. One would image that being an easy mark that doesn’t research the truth would make him easy for evil to manipulate but for whatever reason Jared always comes out on top.

Jared found comes off to others as a blowhard that is arrogant and better then others or a child-like person eager to search for the truth.


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