Countess Alera


None she’s a corpse.


The Countess Alera was not highly regarded in High Society circles of Freetom. Freetom is ran on power of Eight Families that work more like Guilds, Corporations and the Mob then standard nobility however the Countess’ title hearkens back to the days of Chilver. The Countess is one of the few nobles that still exist in the City of Freetom today, a number that is slowly falling as the families are being bought or driven out.

When she was alive the Countess was not a favorite in the High Society but made a name for herself in the lower rungs of society. Her charity and Guilds help many people find a way to better themselves and their families. She worked with Kyo Asakawa, as a close ally, to try to remove the growing power of the large Guilds and put that power in the smaller Guilds of the city. Alera was the public face of the cause, many saw Kyo as part of the problem, and became beloved by the people she helped.

In 200 HA Alera and her entire staff, everyone in the Alera estate, were brutally murdered by two adventurers in the wee hours of the night. Her death, with no blood heir, has caused talk that the Countess’ title will be revoked however Alera’s will clearly stated that her friend and companion Johnin Lova will inherit the majority of the estate with the remaining going to the Guilds she created which now fall under the control of Kyo Asakawa.

Vowing that this tragedy should not go unpunished Johnin has hired Bounty Hunters to track down the guilty parties and put them down in the name of Justice.

Countess Alera

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