Aldar Risen


Very Intelligent in the way of People and the Magical Material of Flamium. Like all the other Lepers of Apo, Aldar Risen is seen always wrapped in enchanted cloth wrappings that both sooth the disease and protect them against the Flamium production.


Risen is the leader of the the City of Apo, a Leper colony on the north shore of the Crimson Lake. As a result Risen controls the massive Flamium production of the city along with the the yearly Flamium Auctions which sell off the production. Most of the year Apo and Risen himself are nothing but for 10 days he and his little city are as important as Freetom or Sora and he knows it.

It is this important/unimportant cycle that has created a duality to the nature of Aldar Risen. During auction time Aldar enjoys the finer things in life, he wines and dines and speaks as a High Noble would. When the auction is over Aldar becomes the man in charge, a Guild Leader working with his men willing to get dirty and do what needs to be done. This duality serves him well because it has made him a popular leader of the lepers and a popular man to the nobles.

Aldar Risen

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