Al’Losrecia came about because of two main reasons:

  • First I got tired of using various game systems for various genre styles; DnD for Fantasy, WoD for Modern, Shadowrun for near Future and Mekton for Sci Fi (with Mechs). While I enjoyed the magic (or Psionics) the systems and settings had I found myself having problems remembering what was what and how they worked. With that in mind I went searching for a system that could unify what I was looking and found Hero, which had just launched its 6th edition.
  • Second one of my friends, that enjoys Comic Books, had told me that he enjoyed them mainly because it allowed so many different types into one setting. Vampires and Robots, Spaceships and Airships, Magic and Mutants all bottled up into one world so I tried to run Champions and found that while I to like that idea, superhero campaigns are not something I can run well. Instead I decided to attempt to roll them together into a more Fantasy styled setting, thus Al’Losrecia was born.

How it Came to Pass…

“We move forward after the War of the Demon’s Fall and look to those that are our Heroes”
Shiro Dulval of Sora, 2 HA

We live in the Fifth Age of Al’losrecia, the Heroic Age.

Over two centuries ago the Demons came to the land of Al’losrecia for one purpose, one reason, to unmake the World and return it to nothing. Together with the Spirits and the Angels of legend the Races of the World defended Al’losrecia… but at great cost.

During the height of the Iron Age the people of Al’losrecia had made promising leaps in magic and technology advancing themselves further and further forward. Under the power of the Mag’Jish Domains, which either conquered or befriended all the nation states becoming the superpower of the land. The people moved forward ceating powerful artifacts and in turn refine them to more common items such as the Armors, Arms, Airships and Trains. While the land of Al’losrecia was not peaceful in any way, wars were a very common occurrence, the fighting that did occur was never to the scale of the Demon War nor to the sheer barbarism that was the Bronze Age. The land was thriving; the forests lush and the people grew strong off the land’s sheer bounty. While one would never the say the Iron Age had the glory that was the Silver Age or the height of sheer power that was the Gold Age the land was lusher then the darkness that was the Bronze Age.

Unfortunately the sheer advancement of the land was not meant to be for in the old calendar year 1679 the Demons returned to Al’losrecia. The War of the Demon’s Falls as it was called lasted some one hundred years and shattered nearly a third of the land. At the end of the Iron Age the very land was once again soaked in Angel, Demon and Monster blood. Worse yet Al’losrecia’s northern sub continent Amara was the selected spot for the Demon’s new Ritual of Unmaking which forever changed it as its massive energies polluted the every fabric of Amara’s existence. In order to save the rest of Al’Losrecia a group of Angels gave their lives to shatter the link between the mainland and forever separate this accursed land.

Sadly many of the great wonders that were researched, invented and common of the time before where destroyed, lost or simply vanished during the war as Al’losrecia’s advancement was pushed back nearly three hundred years. Now the heroes of the land travel forth either as soldiers of their nation-state or as adventurers rediscovering the lost or defending the land from the unspeakable. These heroes seek to remove the taint of the Demons, to cleanse the maiming of the Unmaking and to lead the people to the light, or to simply make a profit.


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